Patches hp-ux 11.31

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Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Contact Email us Tell us what you think. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Is that what you are looking for? There is also a patch assessment which works pretty well you can run here: I mean is there any way by which we can find ok my system patch level is X.

Something like that or it is according to individual package? That's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Shalom, swlist -l product Its definitely a swlist command. Which one you use depends on what you mean by patch level. I didn't get the answer of my question. In AIX there is technology level. So if we are at TL 4 means we are at patch level 4 for the system. Is there any way by which I can find at which patch level my system is. I'm not sure what matches? On HP-UX there are: In HP-UX we have specific bundles which contains list of patches The standard bundles could be found at http: Also find the Patch bundle overview http: For the base operating system version as originally installed, do: For the latest applied patches, assuming you use the standard bundles you should: I meant to add that AIX marks things differently as TL or formerly ML such that a simple 'oslevel -r' returns a simple string that gives you the a simple marker point.

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patches hp-ux 11.31

HP-UX Software Assistant

As a result, the older version of the man page is displayed first and VxFS 5. The code is modified to return the correct error code. The system panics while processing this empty work item. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. For VxFS files inheriting some ACL entry from the parent directory having a default ACL entry, the initial class permission is not set correctly to align with the file mode creation mask and the umask setting at file creation time. Due to a bug in the code, the system cannot free the response messages received. For slow checkpoint removal issue: Code changes have been done to introduce a new kctune hidden tunable to yield the CPU in case total execution time of the thread crosses the limit set by the tunable.

HP-UX 11i v3 Performance Patches

The code is modified to use an improved algorithm which prevents it from traversing the free lists even if it has found the free chunk. The code is modified to take the read-write lock on the partition hash directory. HP-UX , hpux , hpux The kernel loops during the extent re-org with the following stack trace: There are three locks which constitutes the dead lock. Complete book in PDF. When there is a huge number of dirty pages in the memory, and a sparse write is performed at a large offset of 4 TB or above, on an existing file that is not null, the file system hangs in the thread.

How to verify current patch information on HP-UX 11i

patches hp-ux 11.31

Only when a file system that contains PNOLTs is mounted locally mounted without using 'mount -o cluster' are potentially exposed to this issue. The condition set to calculate the inheritance-permission mask of the parent directory is incorrect. The system hangs with the following stacks: The minimum Java revisions were updated to 1. After logging in, you can retrieve past reports, share reports with colleagues, review notifications you received, and retain custom settings. The code is modified to optimize the free-extend-search algorithm by skipping certain AUs. Due to a bug in the code, the system cannot free the response messages received. This will prevent the panic. VxFS file system appears hang, while vxfsd threads are waiting to flush log buffers with the following stack traces: Thereby, an error message is displayed.

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Patches hp-ux 11.31
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