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The founder of notorious Chinese cracking forum 3DM is warning that given the current state of anti-piracy technology, in two years there might be no more pirate games to play. The claims come after attempts to breach the Denuvo security protecting Just Cause 3 pushed the group's cracking expert to breaking point.

Piracy can never be stopped. Piracy will always be around. But while trying to protect movies and music using technological measures is by now almost a lost cause, the same cannot be said about video games.

Released on December 1, and despite massive demand, the game has still not been cracked. The problem appears to lie with the robustness of the technology protecting the game. While its secrets are best known to its creators, Denuvo is a secondary encryption system which protects existing and underlying DRM products. In the product made the headlines after successfully protecting Dragon Age: Inquisition for almost a month, a very respectable time in cracking circles. In the end it was Chinese cracking group 3DM that brought down that instance of Denuvo but the Austria-based company continued to tweak and achieved increasing protection periods on recent games in the FIFA series.

But Just Cause 3 is the current hot potato and despite having released an endless supply of cracks for other titles and having had success against Denuvo in the past , the cracks excuse the pun are beginning to show at 3DM. In fact, she paints somewhat of a doomsday scenario. While Denuvo is no doubt proving a difficult nut to crack, two years is an awful long time in technology and things are always prone to change.

Furthermore, Denuvo is only used on a limited number of gaming titles, reportedly due to its relative expense. But what is difficult to deny here is the window of opportunity provided by the Denuvo system.

Hardcore gamers are notoriously impatient which almost certainly means that one, two or three months of waiting for a crack is coming up for a quarter of a year late to the game.

Another three months after that and many gamers will be looking forward to FIFA 17 and Just Cause 4, leaving pirates in their wake. Nevertheless, the seemingly uncrackable always seem to fall, eventually.

During the past few days it was revealed that the PS4 has been compromised to run Linux. While not to the level of playing full-blown pirate games yet, that might lie around the corner.

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where to  cracked pc games reddit

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where to  cracked pc games reddit

Don't steal games, man. Can I have some karma please? The scrolling never stops. Piracy will always be around. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. The Pirate Bay which doesn't require you to sign up first. For instance, I've personally downloaded illegal copies of almost every game I've played over the past 10 years or so. Steam or GOG and wait for a sale. While Denuvo is no doubt proving a difficult nut to crack, two years is an awful long time in technology and things are always prone to change. So rather than trying to create an unbreakable DRM solution, it's more than happy to protect the initial sales of a PC game. What is the best site to download Xbox One games? Okey, down to business.

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Where to cracked pc games reddit
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